Rise and Shine

Saturday 15th February

Tickets from £10   | Doors 19:30

The ever-evolving Rise and Shine experience.
A sober Saturday night super party that has grown into so much more! 

Phase 1 – The pre party cacao ceremony.A large glass full of ceremonial grade cacao is given to you, you sit comfy, whilst a unique show unfolds in front of you, no one ever really knows whats going to happen!!Getting high in a healthier way.66 spaces only. 

Phase 2 – The party.
Its everything you know about parties, dancing, music, socialising, networking, chilling, people watching, food, just without booze and with an epic all organic, smoothie, juice kombucha, coconut bar!!! 

Phase 3 – The closing croup meditation.We use the heightened, clean and healthy unified energy created by us all, to affirm self empowerment for our own life and for the earth. Working with real magic. 

We plant a tree for every single ticket sold in the Amazonian rainforest and our at 2500 now!!!! 

Our ambition is to have as a positive impact on your life and the earth as we can through the medium of partying.Our ultimate ambition is global health and global peace. Come support this idea with your time, energy and positive vibes. WE NEED YOU!